TPI Code of Practice Accredited



TPI Code of Practice Accredited

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The TPI (Third Part Intermediary) Code of Practice is a set of standards setting the benchmark for responsible, high quality TPIs selling energy to micro businesses, and applies to sales made by TPIs on behalf of participating energy suppliers.

Utility Renewals have been accredited with abiding by the TPI Code of Prctice as an integral part of their business energy operations.

By signing up to this Code of Practice, TPIs agree to:

  • Be bound by its guidelines to enhance the services
  • Assure staff (including any third parties they use) know it and stick to it
  • Tell the customers they’re selling to what the Code is and where to find it
  • Uphold the public image and reputation of the suppliers they represent

Download the Code of Practice

It includes:

Third parties


If the TPI uses a third party, it’s their responsibility to make sure that anyone working on their behalf knows about and follows this Code.


The TPI must keep details of any third parties they use. And they must share them with the suppliers they represent, regulators, the Code Manager and the Independent Code Panel and their agents, if asked.

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