Save Energy for your Business



Save Energy for your Business

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Energy saving bulbOur top 20 energy saving tips have been inspired by :

  1. Tablets, Laptops and such devices are much more efficient than desktop pcs,  particularly when they are unplugged and allowed to discharge to zero.
  2. Hot desking and working from home are all great valid ways of saving energy and money.
  3. Sensors on taps, toilets, lights etc are affordable now and can save a fortune in bills.
  4. Use recycled and recycleable paper towels instrad of a hand-dryer.
  5. Use an automatic computer shutdown system to save energy.
  6. Turn off all lights in shared office building that are not used.
  7. Buy used and recycled goods where appropriate that can be as good as new but at a fraction of the cost
  8. Cut down on the print outs. There is almost always a way to view or manage documents without printing them out.
  9. Draft excluders are old school method of saving energy but they really work. Add to doors, windows and any other place where drafts are found.
  10. If its too hot – turn the thermostat down.

We hope you can use some or all of these tips and if you have your own, please send them in a comment below with your name and they will be published here if they are decent.

Watch out for more tips coming soon in 2013.

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