Reducing Thermal and Electrical Consumption



Reducing Thermal and Electrical Consumption

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Action groups are always banging on about saving energy and cutting costs in domestic properties in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, it is a vital part of creating a better future for all of us and the planet.

The problem is in the commercial business sector. This is a realm that requires attention to help every business in the UK meet an achievable energy rating by reducing their thermal and electrical consumption.

How is that Possible?

Never before have we had the technology to really get our teeth into business energy savings across the board. Now we are seeing the Smart Meter become a superb way to monitor energy usage, giving business owners the opportunity to change their habits to lower usage in real-time. This is significant.

What kind of rating?

business-energy-ratingThe catering/food industry must have a food hygiene rating ranging from 1 to 5 stars, 1 being poor and, you guessed it, 5 is excellent. This is the type of thing i’m talking about. Using smart meter technology allows the consumer and regulatory body to see where energy is wasted or used ‘smartly’. Recommendations can then be made and depending upon whether they have been implemented or not, they will be awarded a suitable rating.

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