Our Top 5 Tips When Renewing Your Business Energy Contract



Our Top 5 Tips When Renewing Your Business Energy Contract

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We all know there are many factors that affect the price we pay for our electricity and gas supply for businesses. Here at Utility Renewals, we have put together a list of essential things to be aware of to make sure your business energy bills remain at their lowest:

Our 5 top Money Saving Tips

  1. Make sure you deal with your Electric or Gas contract in the renewal period. Utility Renewals will automatically remind you when your contract is due for renewal every year. Do take us up on this – it could save you a lot of money.
  2. Be accurate with your consumption estimate. If you are not using a similar amount of energy as last year, make sure your business energy supplier knows this so you get accurate renewal quotes. Utility Renewals can find out your consumption and quote you appropriately.
  3. Make sure you are on the right electricity and gas tariff for how you use your energy supply. Utility Renewals offer a free service to walk you through all the energy tariffs available to your business.
  4. Ask our free advice service if you are thinking about having a Smart Meter installed. Bear in mind that not all suppliers support them therefore if you renew with a different energy supplier, you may need to replace the meter next time. But, smart meters do have a whole host of benefits and will be widely used in future.
  5. When switching supplier, be certain that you are happy with the provider. Just changing supplier can incur hidden costs. Check the rates are as promised, making sure you are getting a better deal.

If you follow these tips and use our free services, you will save money and time. Make sure, above all that you keep on top of where your contract is and when it ends. Doing nothing and allowing automatic renewal will certainly mean drastically higher tariff rates.

Remember, Utility Renewals are pleased to remind you when to switch/renew your contract and get you a great price into the bargain. Call us now on 01282 695565.

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