Exciting new website from Utility Renewals



Exciting new website from Utility Renewals

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On Wednesday 25th January 2012, the North West’s Premier Energy Broker for Business – Utility Renewals – will unveil their exciting new website www.utilityrenewals.com.

Innovation is required in the modern world. Everyone needs to keep their finger on the pulse and no one can afford to stand still. Utility Renewals understand this fact and have developed their website so that they can give better service to their clients.

As a leading UK business utility broker Utility Renewals are always finding the best business electricity, gas and telecoms prices for their clients. Always finding better ways for businesses to reduce their energy costs.

We have taken that spirit of improvement and have identified ways in which our website could be improved. Many companies settle for the status quo, they may be content with their energy bills or their current website. They do not have the courage and desire to see that change is not an enemy but a friend.

On a daily basis Utility Renewals are looking to find better deals for their clients. They are helping them bring down energy costs with their expert knowledge of the UK energy industry. It is part of the company’s DNA to always seek improvement.

The new site strives to be sleeker, easier to use and modern developments in site layout have been taken on board. Elements of the old site that worked have been maintained but the overall look of the site has been refreshed and it is cleaner and more efficient.

However, style and substance have been combined as we focused on making sure that the site has quality content to help your business. Ultimately, you want access to the information that will help your company reduce its rocketing energy costs.

It was also important to make sure that page loading speeds are quick as the last thing a business can afford to waste is time. By making the site clear and easy to use you can quickly find the information you seek.

Through the website you can keep up to date with all the latest news and changes going on within the energy sector. Articles, press releases and blog posts are aimed primarily at all UK businesses with hints, tips and news to help lower your energy prices. The onsite energy blog also gives you an insight into the latest developments. It is important for your company to keep abreast of changing trends and progress in this vital industry.

Utility Renewals interact with businesses all the time and the same is true for their website. A simple feedback form has been included so you can inform them of the bits of the site you like and the bits you don’t like. With that knowledge, we can carry on improving it so it can help businesses reduce energy costs.

Take a look at www.utilityrenewals.com today.

About Utility Renewals:

Utility Renewals are a leading UK business energy broker. We are independent of all energy companies and can help your business find the best price for its gas and electricity. 

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