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At Utility Renewals, we take all the hassle out of registering details for the new tenants, arranging reset codes and engineer visits to the property.

Once we receive the information for a new tenant in the property from the housing officer, we register their details and transfer the name from the Housing Association to the new tenants name as soon as possible, reducing extra days of paying for the previous account holders electricity.

Once all the accounts are set up for Gas and Electricity, we make sure that if the tenants has prepayment meters, they have a reset code within 1 hour to clear any debt that is not their responsibility and the best place to pick up a new Key or Card.

Utility Comparison Service

We also call the tenant upon registering them to carry out a totally free and impartial energy comparison for their new property.  Almost 90% of the new tenants we have spoken to, haven’t been on the best tariff when they’ve moved into their new property so we’ve made sure they are on the cheapest or the most suitable for their needs.  This helps with their financial inclusion for their new property because we know how expensive moving house can be without worrying about overpriced energy bills.

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