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Are your invoices correct?

Utility invoices can amount to millions of pounds for any organisation. It is important that your organisation ensures that what you are paying is correct and that any incorrect supplier invoicing is identified and rectified. Research has shown that on average 3% of your annual utility spend can be invoiced incorrectly – money that your organisation should be claiming back.

Energy Manager has a set of robust and easily configurable validation rules that are designed to highlight validation errors as soon as the invoice is entered into the package.


Extensive Validation Library

Utility Renewals bespoke software performs over 100 separate validation checks which can be grouped into 3 key categories:

• Consumption:  Comparison against previous periods, e.g. previous month, or same period in the previous year as well as ensuring concurrent reads where applicable.

• Supplier Contracts:  Charges specified in contracts with Utility Suppliers.  These contracts can be loaded into the software in bulk.

• Industry Charges:  Published Charges e.g. DUoS, TNUoS, Triad, for electricity, Transportation for gas, or Water and Sewerage charges as approved by Ofwat or the Water Industry Commission for Scotland.

The software can also produce invoices based on Half Hourly Data and compare these to the actual invoice when it is received.

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Full Range of Analysis

We cover all the fundamental analyses required for Monitoring and Targeting including:

• Trend analysis and comparison with previous performance.

• Comparison with targets or benchmarks.

• Ranking of sites according to performance.

At a more advanced level, the software also incorporates CUSUM, Regression-Analysis and Degree-Day adjustment methods to provide closer monitoring of waste and savings.

High Quality Reports

A comprehensive library is provided to cover all standard reporting requirements. All reports are designed to show results clearly and to a high standard of

presentation, allowing you to clearly understand what is being reported.

Custom reports can be easily created by Utility Renewals ensuring that all your reporting requirements can be met.

Query Management System

Our software contains a fully integrated communication log which can be automatically populated with any invoice validation queries.  These can be emailed to the supplier, and actions managed through the package.  Automatic reminders can be set to ensure there are no overdue actions, and estimated and actual savings can be recorded and reported.

The communication log can be used to manage other actions other than invoice validation queries, such as meter reading reminders.

Monitor all your utilities

All utilities (e.g. Electricity, Gas, Water, Oil, Solid Fuel, Biomass, LPG, Waste) may be monitored and analysed using Energy Manager. Monitoring and Targeting allows easy identification of waste or overspend and allows savings to be tracked. Full data validation, tolerance checks and alarms provide immediate and real time management information. Standard or bespoke configured reports present the information in both graphical and tabular formats with options for these to be automatically emailed or data viewed through a Web browser.

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