Ian Armer enters Blackpool Mini Run 2012



Ian Armer enters Blackpool Mini Run 2012

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I’ve had a classic style mini for a few years now. I’m probably reliving my youth, trying to recapture those golden moments from a time that seems so different from now. I am also a huge supporter of Cancer Research and my local Cancer Support Charity – B.E Bosom Friends in Barnoldswick.

So, it seemed like a good idea to register for the Blackpool Mini Run on the 24th June 2012. Having never entered an event like this before, I am really excited and with the chance to raise some money whilst driving my favourite car to the place where I was born, it seemed like a perfect way to spend a Sunday.

If you want to donate any cash to Cancer Research or Bosom friends in Banoldswick, please go for it. Either donate to them direct or to me via my Just Giving page.
The run starts off from Ellesmere Port, Penrith, Preston and my location, Skipton. My group are heading out at 9am and we will be in Preston at about 10am to meet the rest of the mini enthusiasts.

If you see us, do give us a wave and we will give you a flash! Look out for the pictures I will be taking along the way too!


Ian Armer

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