The Great Office Move



The Great Office Move

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As part of our grand expansion plans, Utility Renewals have upped sticks and moved. The new place is only down the road but it is a significant milestone for a company that is growing at a strong pace.

Well Equiped

The more suitable Barrowford business centre is our new home. It provides us more space, better facilities (a nice kitchen overlooking a busy roundabout), a more professional image, purpose built desks, air-con (this is a blessing after years of boiling summers and bitter winters) and lots more little benefits that will reveal themselves as we settle in.


Our growth is a direct result of the success we have had over the years in the commercial electric, gas and telecoms brokering and supply business. Our customer base has just exploded and the move has come at just the right time to support this.


The layout of Derwent House makes it ideal to split teams into noisy and quiet offices. Admin and customer services need the peace to be able to process contracts, deal with queries, liaise with the suppliers and attend to our customers’ needs. The sales team on the other hand thrive in a vibrant, vocal environment where the buzz lifts peoples spirits.


The quality of the services we offer is constantly improving as we listen to our customers and the problems they are facing. Our new customer management and phone systems enable us to learn more about our customers through conversations and recording any issues people are having so we can proactively improve our services.

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