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What is Fuel Poverty?

Fuel Poverty is when, in order to heat its home to an adequate standard of warmth; the household needs to spend more than 10% of its income to maintain an adequate heating regime. The main living area of the property should be maintained at 21 degrees and other occupied rooms maintained at 18 degrees. There are over 6.3 million households currently in Fuel Poverty, representing approximately 24% of all households in the UK. Rising fuel prices could push an extra 1.9 million households into Fuel Poverty.

What causes Fuel Poverty?

Low Income

High Fuel Price

Poor Energy Efficiency

Under Occupancy

Old Age

Health Problems

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Is there anything I can do to avoid Fuel Poverty?

You can reduce your energy bills by changing the way you pay. If you currently pay when you get your bill through the post, you could try paying by Monthly Direct Debit. This is the cheapest way to pay and gives you access to a lot more tariffs. You could also have an online account. The only difference with these is that instead of receiving everything through the post, you get it emailed to you.
Have a look at our information about grants which you could qualify for. If you don’t wualify for grants from the government, you could pay to upgrade your insulation yourself. It will save you money in the long run. A few examples of this are:
An initial cost of £290 for loft insulation could save upto £200 on your fuel bill each year. This means in 18 months you could have paid off your initial payment and start saving even more.
An initial cost of £15 for Energy Efficient Light Bulbs throughout the house would cost about £15, but these could save you £15 each year on your energy bills. This means after the first year, you’re savig money with these.

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