Free Smart Meters for British Gas Business Energy Customers



Free Smart Meters for British Gas Business Energy Customers

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Working smarter is the key to success in the modern world. The companies that get ahead are the ones that have the nous not just to spot opportunities but to take them.

Utility Renewals are offering smart meters to some of our business customers. It does not take a genius to know that business energy bills are increasing and it is worth looking into any device that can control energy output.

What is a smart meter?

A smart meter is a new kind of meter that communicates electronically with your business energy supplier. It means that they no longer have to make site visits to read your meter.

They also record the amount of power that has been used over thirty minute intervals. Business owners can look at their smart meter and know exactly how much energy they are using at all times of the day. Spikes in use can be identified and targeted by the canny business user. By analysing this data they can pinpoint where business energy is being wasted. Reducing energy output equals smaller bills.

The Carbon Trust estimates that a smart meter can reduce a company’s energy consumption by 10%, yet some businesses could save more. In these tough times anything that brings down the expenditure column by at least a tenth has to be investigated.

How smart meters work?

As you would expect a smart meter is quite a complex gizmo. They use wireless technology to receive and then transmit company electricity usage via a SIM card (similar to a mobile phone) which then deliver them to your supplier.

However, a canny business user will be more interested in not so much how it works but how it can work for them. This is why Utility Renewals, a leading business energy broker in the UK is offering free smart meters to British Gas Business customers.

As part of its green strategy the government is keen to see the roll out of smart meters in homes and businesses. They want to see the installation of smart meters so they can meet their environmental targets.

Get ahead of the curve and contact Utility Renewals on 01282 695565 to see if your business can get a free smart meter.


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