Feed in Tariff Charges

It has come to light just recently that one of our suppliers has introduced a feed in tariff charge to it’s business customers that wasn’t on their bills last month.

feed-in-tariff1What is it all about? Well apparently the customer has always been billed for this charge but up until now, it has been built into the electricity unit price.

Currently (as of 23/04/2013) the only supplier that is splitting this charge out is Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE). SSE have alluded to the suggestion that all the other business energy suppliers will follow suit very soon.

The Charge

So what is the charge? Businesses who have not yet invested in renewable energy of any kind and do not benefit themselves from the feed in tariff, will now be paying this FIT charge in order for the government to balance out the FIT payments they have been making to companies over the years.

As I mentioned before, this is not a new charge as it has always been part of the overall energy costs but it is now being separated out to create more transparent billing.


As usual with huge companies, there has been little communication about this charge so I can see a rather decent amount of confusion to follow.

For more information, call Ian on 01282 695565 and we will try and help.

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