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Digital Inclusion

What is Digital Inclusion?

Digital Inclusion is making sure Digital Services such as the internet, are available to everybody.

For the current changes to the Benefits System; Universal Credit is being introduced. This will replace many current benefits including Housing Benefit and Job Seekers Allowance. The Government want around 80% of applications for Universal Credit to be online by 2017. However it is thought that out of the 8.7 million adults living in social housing, 4.1 million have never been online.

What causes Digital Exclusion?

 • Low Income

 • Initial and Continued Cost

 • No Access To Bank Accounts

 • No Affordable Credit

 • Debt Problems

 • Age

 Plus many more reasons.

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What does Utility Renewals do to make sure everyone is “Digitally Included”?
We are able to offer a range of packages which will make tenants digitally included.

We can offer Mobile Phone Contracts without the usual credit checks, Home Phone and Broadband Packages, again without the usual credit checks and these are still at competitive prices compared to mainstream suppliers.

Call us now on 01282 610396. Alternatively, email housing@utilityrenewals.comfor further help.

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