Customer Loyalty

It was only following a thrashing at badminton last night that I was confronted with the cost. It transpired that committed, loyal customers who block book sessions must pay a third more than those who arrive on fly by nights booking one week at a time.

This is all well and good to some people of a more easy going nature but I was a little incensed by this revelation and it got me thinking.

Is customer loyalty still worth rewarding? I know myself and all the staff at Utility Renewals think so.

Many companies nowadays seem to relish in targeting the “new” customer, whilst the old trusty investor is mostly over-looked. This can’t be good for building great business relationships.

We at Utility Renewals have customers stretching back at least 5 years who come back for more every year. We really value their loyalty and work hard to get them a better deal and keep complacency at bay.

This attitude that we choose to adopt seems to resonate with our customers and they appreciate our commitment – rewarding us with their loyalty.

How do you approach customer loyalty? Please leave a comment below.

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