Small businesses

Consumers in the UK are ditching some of the big companies in favour of lower priced smaller companies who give them what they want. Gone are the days of blind loyalty, with some companies changing policies to the disadvantage of customers, they are moving in their droves to better, more rewarding deals. Values and convenience[…]

Many businesses head in our direction after less than ideal experiences with other suppliers/brokers. They have been ripped off with poor deals, being told they are wrong about things, not helped with their important issues and generally taken for granted. Our philosophy is that because we treat each other in our team with respect, this[…]

Hard work, drive & passion coupled with impressive customer service has seen us recognised as one of the leading electricity and gas brokers operating in the business energy sector. Here at Utility Renewals, we have been told we offer a breath of fresh air in the competitive business energy sector when all too often the[…]