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If we are to believe OFGEM, the UK is in for a rocky ride where its electricity supply is concerned. With power stations due to close and no concrete plans for new ones, we are looking extremely thin on the ground where energy is concerned. Ship without a Rudder The government doesn’t seem to know[…]

Small firms are struggling to control cash flow in the face of high energy costs, according to a small business organisation. The issue, highlighted by the Forum of Private Business (FPB), has led to calls for a code of conduct to regulate the way utility companies treat their small business customers. A code of contact[…]

26 October 2011 As the energy regulator begins work on its energy tariff consultation, Which? urges consumers to put pressure on the regulator to stamp out confusing practices. The energy regulator, Ofgem, has the chance to reform energy tariffs as part of its retail market review this year. With help from over 5,000 UK consumers,[…]

 The regulator Ofgem has asked energy firms to explain how they calculate bills that straddle a price increase. Ofgem is concerned that some customers may have been overcharged when their bill covers a period before and after the introduction of a higher tariff. The regulator is worried that firms may sometimes have applied their increased[…]

Cost assessment report for the Gunfleet Sands transmissions assets This document sets out our decision on the cost assessment for the Gunfleet Sands transmissions assets being tendered in Transitional Round 1 more document information Proposed process for the determination of re-opener applications in respect of a Traffic Management Act income adjusting event under the first[…]

Notice of intention to impose a financial penalty – British Gas Trading Limited Notice of intention to impose a financial penalty by the Gas and Electricity Markets Authority, for breaches of the Gas and Electricity (Consumer Complaints Handling Standards) Regulations 2008. Any representations must be made by 5 September 2011 more document information Bullet The[…]