Business Gas

Every person and business in the UK has had to tighten their belts as they navigate their way through these most testing of times. One of the largest outlays any enterprise has to make is towards its business electricity, gas and telecoms bills. As the person in charge of your company’s energy bills you will[…]

We are all painfully aware of the adverts on television to encourage people to switch their domestic energy supplier, mainly the price comparison websites with their opera singers, Meerkats and cartoon singers that have imprinted themselves on our memory. If a puppet animal can encourage us to look for a better insurance and energy deal[…]

Small firms are struggling to control cash flow in the face of high energy costs, according to a small business organisation. The issue, highlighted by the Forum of Private Business (FPB), has led to calls for a code of conduct to regulate the way utility companies treat their small business customers. A code of contact[…]

A Danish company has won a contest to find a new design for electricity pylons, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said today. The T-shaped design beat five other finalists in the contest run by the DECC, National Grid, and Royal Institute of British Architects to find a new shape for pylons, which[…]

(PEMS) information request letter This is an open letter to the Gas Distribution Networks requesting that they provide us with information on the number and type of Post Emergency Metering Services (PEMS) jobs carried out in calendar years 2009 and 2010.  more document information

Utility Renewals Ltd are specialist business energy consultants in the electricity, gas and telecommunications markets with an excellent reputation built on quality and breadth of expertise In a business climate driven by environmental pressures, the market landscape is in constant change. The wealth of suppliers, ever-changing tariffs and legislation from government make it extremely difficult[…]

We work as the strong link between utility purchasing and energy services. Our knowledge of the various tariffs, the effects of different metering and the profiling of each client, ensures that our customers maximise the efficiency of their electricty usage while minimising costs. . Our team of professional specialists are completely conversant with all aspects[…]

When business energy prices are perpetually rising, you need a broker you can trust who can give you the best deals on the markets and may be able to reduce your outgoings on utilities. Utility Renewals are here to negotiate a better deal for your business. So many energy brokers can provide you with a[…]