Business Energy Forum up and Running



Business Energy Forum up and Running

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There are 4.5 million small to medium enterprises* in the UK, all of which require some kind of energy in order to be able to operate. Imagine being able to harness the business energy experiences of all these businesses in order to be able to improve your business energy dealings and taking part in a collective community of businesses wanting to help each other.

Businesses Supporting Businesses

At Utility Renewals we generate and maintain successful, enduring business relationships with all our stakeholders. Our unsurpassed knowledge of the business energy markets strengthens the businesses of our customers through our strong links with suppliers, allowing us to solve business energy queries and issues of our customers quickly. We know the importance of these relationships, providing strength and co-operation for all parties in difficult economic times.

The Forum

We hope to be able to create a supportive environment for all UK businesses who take and active concern in their energy bills with our business energy forum. It is a place for business owners to ask any energy related question to be answered by one of our experts or to share their business energy experiences with other forum users, passing on useful advice for others. All in all, by asking questions and sharing hints, we hope to be able to save you money on your business energy bills.

It may well be that your company can forge strong partnerships with other businesses, providing valuable services to each other which add value, simply through a chance meeting on our business energy forum.

Use it

This forum is free to use and available to all regardless of whether you are a customer of Utility Renewals. We hope to be able to pass on our years of expertise is the business energy brokering market and create an association of enterprises in order to help all business energy users to manage their energy requirements more effectively.

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