Every person and business in the UK has had to tighten their belts as they navigate their way through these most testing of times. One of the largest outlays any enterprise has to make is towards its business electricity, gas and telecoms bills. As the person in charge of your company’s energy bills you will[…]

We are all painfully aware of the adverts on television to encourage people to switch their domestic energy supplier, mainly the price comparison websites with their opera singers, Meerkats and cartoon singers that have imprinted themselves on our memory. If a puppet animal can encourage us to look for a better insurance and energy deal[…]

We all know there are many factors that affect the price we pay for our electricity and gas supply for businesses. Here at Utility Renewals, we have put together a list of essential things to be aware of to make sure your business energy bills remain at their lowest: Our 5 top Money Saving Tips[…]

On Wednesday 25th January 2012, the North West’s Premier Energy Broker for Business – Utility Renewals – will unveil their exciting new website Innovation is required in the modern world. Everyone needs to keep their finger on the pulse and no one can afford to stand still. Utility Renewals understand this fact and have[…]

All of us here at Utility Renewals would like to wish you a very happy Christmas holiday to you and a prosperous New Year. We will reluctantly gladly be back in action on the 9th January 2012, and are looking forward to working with you or building partnerships with your business. Thanks, Utility Renewals

Tomorrow night, the 7th December 2011, marks the great Utility Renewals Curry Night Out in the lovely Lancashire spot known as Nelson. The restaurant will remain name less to avoid attracting unwanted hangers on 😉 The cuisine for the evening will be the likes of Aloo Gobi, Saag Chicken, perhaps a nice Biryani. I’ll let[…]

Scottish Power is the only one of the “big six” energy firms to fail to meet industry requirements to publish customer complaint numbers for the past year. Energy regulator Ofgem required all companies to publish on their websites the total number of complaints they received in the year to 30 September 2011 by 31 October.[…]

Small firms are struggling to control cash flow in the face of high energy costs, according to a small business organisation. The issue, highlighted by the Forum of Private Business (FPB), has led to calls for a code of conduct to regulate the way utility companies treat their small business customers. A code of contact[…]

A Danish company has won a contest to find a new design for electricity pylons, the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) said today. The T-shaped design beat five other finalists in the contest run by the DECC, National Grid, and Royal Institute of British Architects to find a new shape for pylons, which[…]

26 October 2011 As the energy regulator begins work on its energy tariff consultation, Which? urges consumers to put pressure on the regulator to stamp out confusing practices. The energy regulator, Ofgem, has the chance to reform energy tariffs as part of its retail market review this year. With help from over 5,000 UK consumers,[…]