There are 4.5 million small to medium enterprises* in the UK, all of which require some kind of energy in order to be able to operate. Imagine being able to harness the business energy experiences of all these businesses in order to be able to improve your business energy dealings and taking part in a[…]

With the utilities industry under constant scrutiny from regulatory bodies and their numerous customers; UK facility providers need and demand powerful IT solutions. This enables timely and accurate access and retrieval of business documents. In the increasingly competitive world of business electricity, gas and telecoms brokerage and the delivery of cost effective utilities to customers;[…]

We are frequently asked by customers on a regular basis if it is possible to compare business electric, gas and telecoms prices online. We took it upon ourselves to conduct research on a sample of 100 business energy websites to investigate if this price comparison service was available. Holy Grail Taking a varied sample of[…]

It was only following a thrashing at badminton last night that I was confronted with the cost. It transpired that committed, loyal customers who block book sessions must pay a third more than those who arrive on fly by nights booking one week at a time. This is all well and good to some people[…]

I’ve had a classic style mini for a few years now. I’m probably reliving my youth, trying to recapture those golden moments from a time that seems so different from now. I am also a huge supporter of Cancer Research and my local Cancer Support Charity – B.E Bosom Friends in Barnoldswick. So, it seemed[…]

We know how good our electric, gas and telecoms prices and services are. It’s always a challenge though to get our benefits across to company directors or key decision makers. For that reason I have put together 5 reasons why you would want to renew or switch your energy or telecoms contracts with us. In[…]

With the huge success of Alan Sugars’ “The Apprentice” it is easy to see why there is a resurgance of interest in apprenticeships in general. Utility Renewals already have a number of staff who have gone through this process and are positively thriving. They add tons of value to the business every day. We have[…]

Working smarter is the key to success in the modern world. The companies that get ahead are the ones that have the nous not just to spot opportunities but to take them. Utility Renewals are offering smart meters to some of our business customers. It does not take a genius to know that business energy[…]

Kim Races for Life It’s that time of year again when the weather gets better and people start to venture outdoors. It’s a great time in particular for charities to ramp up their fund raising efforts. Kim Jackson (not related to Michael) is one of the most popular members of staff in the office (except[…]

Utility Renewals, the leading UK energy broker, believes in giving new businesses the best start. They know that the prices a new business start-up pays for its electric and gas could make or break it. New businesses are fragile, and it is a fact that most start-ups do not survive the first year. Utility Renewals[…]