It doesn’t matter which industry your business operates in, one thing will make you stand out from the competition more than prices and product offerings; unrivaled customer service. In the business energy sector we know first hand how hard it is to establish yourself initially as a leading business energy broker and secondly what it[…]

It has come to light just recently that one of our suppliers has introduced a feed in tariff charge to it’s business customers that wasn’t on their bills last month. What is it all about? Well apparently the customer has always been billed for this charge but up until now, it has been built into[…]

Hard work, drive & passion coupled with impressive customer service has seen us recognised as one of the leading electricity and gas brokers operating in the business energy sector. Here at Utility Renewals, we have been told we offer a breath of fresh air in the competitive business energy sector when all too often the[…]

Lets face it, having to deal with the big brand business energy suppliers can be a daunting task and one that is likely to take up a lot of your valuable time that would be better served focusing on your company. Red Tape It is unbelievable how much red tape and archaic practices some so-called[…]

Action groups are always banging on about saving energy and cutting costs in domestic properties in the UK. Don’t get me wrong, it is a vital part of creating a better future for all of us and the planet. The problem is in the commercial business sector. This is a realm that requires attention to[…]

If we are to believe OFGEM, the UK is in for a rocky ride where its electricity supply is concerned. With power stations due to close and no concrete plans for new ones, we are looking extremely thin on the ground where energy is concerned. Ship without a Rudder The government doesn’t seem to know[…]

Whilst nobody can stop rising business electricity and gas prices from occurring, Utility Renewals can help you fight back by analysing your situation and offer you the best possible prices on business gas and electricity. It is a fact that costs will indeed continue to increase year on year, however knowing that your requirements have[…]

Utility Renewals have a proud history and excellent track record of being able to offer start up businesses a full service solution to their business utility requirements. We have helped hundreds of new companies to not only get the best prices on electricity, gas and telecoms; but also to take away the strain that having[…]

Our top 20 energy saving tips have been inspired by : Tablets, Laptops and such devices are much more efficient than desktop pcs,  particularly when they are unplugged and allowed to discharge to zero. Hot desking and working from home are all great valid ways of saving energy and money. Sensors on taps, toilets, lights[…]

Yes we have been at it again. Fundraising that is. This time it’s for the amazing annual treat that is Children in Need. This year we were fashionably late by a week but we raised a decent £50 from holding a fancy dress-down Friday on the 23rd November. There was a great mood in the[…]