Consumers in the UK are ditching some of the big companies in favour of lower priced smaller companies who give them what they want. Gone are the days of blind loyalty, with some companies changing policies to the disadvantage of customers, they are moving in their droves to better, more rewarding deals. Values and convenience[…]

Many businesses head in our direction after less than ideal experiences with other suppliers/brokers. They have been ripped off with poor deals, being told they are wrong about things, not helped with their important issues and generally taken for granted. Our philosophy is that because we treat each other in our team with respect, this[…]

Renewing your gas, electricity and telecoms contract has become balanced heavily in favour of the business energy supplier. It becomes confusing with the contract end dates, which is the best supplier, what are actually the best prices without doing lots of research yourself and are your bills correct? Most big suppliers send you a renewal[…]

Becoming a Telecoms Reseller The telecoms industry will always exist because we will always want and need to communicate well with other people, in a non face to face way. The industry is changing rapidly and relentlessly and even though it seems the opportunities seem endless, they may not be. There are thousands of business[…]

Life is a constant balance of pleasure and pain. If you imagine a line with pain at one side and pleasure at the other, every one of us resides somewhere along here. And it changes all the time. I mean, all the time. Accept the Supplier Over time, we have had massive changes in the[…]

As part of our grand expansion plans, Utility Renewals have upped sticks and moved. The new place is only down the road but it is a significant milestone for a company that is growing at a strong pace. Well Equiped The more suitable Barrowford business centre is our new home. It provides us more space,[…]

Our online development and marketing manager, Ian Armer, has been at it again. He has been raising money for a local cancer support charity called Bosom Friends who are based in Barnoldswick. The run was a rousing success with a sea of red outfits bobbing around the canal and roads of picturesque Barnoldswick. People of[…]

Often business decision makers choose an energy contract based on the cheapest gas and electricity supplier. Whilst this would make complete sense to go for the cheapest electricity and gas prices, there are other factors to take into account. Not Just the Cheapest Energy and Telecoms Prices Here at Utility Renewals, we have been providing[…]

The TPI (Third Part Intermediary) Code of Practice is a set of standards setting the benchmark for responsible, high quality TPIs selling energy to micro businesses, and applies to sales made by TPIs on behalf of participating energy suppliers. Utility Renewals have been accredited with abiding by the TPI Code of Prctice as an integral part of[…]

Consumer energy bills are set to rise yet again and people will have to fork out more money due to the recent announcement of yet more price hikes. Of course these increases will also mean that businesses are left having to spend more of their own profits and revenue to increase the profits of the[…]