Best Business Energy Supplier Benefits



Best Business Energy Supplier Benefits

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Life is a constant balance of pleasure and pain. If you imagine a line with pain at one side and pleasure at the other, every one of us resides somewhere along here. And it changes all the time. I mean, all the time.

Accept the Supplier

Over time, we have had massive changes in the pleasure pain ‘o’ meter when it comes to the business energy suppliers that we have worked with. With some suppliers, I am saying it is a choice between the devil and the deep blue sea. They have great and horrendous qualities all at the same time but you know them and you learn to accept and work with these imperfections.

At the Pain End

There are however, some suppliers that generally sit at the pain end of the line. These business energy suppliers are the ones that come complete with a warning siren. They are in the news all the time for getting up to no good. They get fines for wrong reporting. They put the customer firmly second to their own needs (this is from my own experience). The list goes on.

Weigh it up

So we, as a business energy broker have to weigh up the balance between the two extremes. We choose the challenging suppliers and firmly reject the lousy ones.
Where does this apply in your business life?

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