How to Become a Telecoms Reseller



How to Become a Telecoms Reseller

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Becoming a Telecoms Reseller

The telecoms industry will always exist because we will always want and need to communicate well with other people, in a non face to face way. The industry is changing rapidly and relentlessly and even though it seems the opportunities seem endless, they may not be.

There are thousands of business telecoms providers in the UK alone all fighting for the same customers but that is where the reseller comes in. As a reseller you can find your own customers through your own connections, your website if you have one, using social media etc and signing them up as a reseller passing on the low prices.

Also, most of the fiddly paper work is done by the business telecoms supplier like we at Utility Renewals. We provide most of what you need and you get paid in a lump sum or a residual payment system.

Starting your Reseller Business

There are steps to becoming a telecoms reseller for British companies and we are always available, in normal working hours, to take you through what you need to do. Call us now on 0330 333 7359 or 01282 610350 to find out more. Or you can leave a comment below:

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