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Are You Entitled to the Warm Home Discount?  At Utility Renewals, we speak to a number of new tenants every day, to help them find the cheapest and best suited energy tariffs for their circumstances. One of the questions we always ask is ‘are you entitled to the warm home discount?’. We are continually surprised at how[...]

Last month, Bristol City Council finalised the sale of the business customer section of Bristol Energy, to Yu Energy. Last week came the news that, in a deal worth £14m,Together Energy had acquired their residential branch, taking on their brand and system, alongside approximately 155,000 residential meter points. Cllr Craig Cheney, deputy mayor and Bristol[...]

When choosing your energy supplier and tariff, you will have no doubt heard the terms ‘fixed rate’ and ‘variable rate’ mentioned, but do you really understand what they mean and what is best suited to you? What Is A Variable Rate Tariff?   ‘Variable rate’ refers to a tariff where the supplier can, at any[...]

The energy price cap explained. Being on a standard variable, or supplier’s ‘default’ tariff, means that, at the discretion of your supplier, your per unit energy prices may fluctuate. In the past it was not uncommon for customers on these plans to experience a sudden hike in prices, inevitably causing them budgeting issues. As a[…]