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As of the 15th December 2020, Ofgem’s new rules which aim to support customers who may be experiencing difficulty in paying their energy bills, come into force.   As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the country is seeing a significant rise in people struggling to manage their finances, with Citizen’s Advice estimating in September that 6 million people had already[…]

Tonik Energy, who supplied energy to around 130,000 domestic customers, recently announced that they were to cease trading. As was the case with both Robin Hood Energy and Bristol Energy, who also recently went bust, a statement was released by the supplier, assuring their customers that they shouldn’t worry, their energy supply will not experience[...]

Recent figures reported by Ofgem have highlighted that, compared to 2019 data, the number of customers switching supplier in the second quarter of the year has continued to fall.   Switches in Quarter 22019 Switches in Quarter 22020  Electricity  1,531,000  1,331,000  Gas  1,239,000  983,000  Figures taken from  As per the figures above, 2020 saw[…]